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About Us:

Smart K9 Training was founded in Fargo, North Dakota in 2017 by Emilee Mahar with the vision to bridge the communication gap between humans and canines, world wide. 

Through our ability to read and understand canine behavior we have helped hundreds of dog owners better communicate and understand their canine companions. 

We believe it is our obligation to step forward and be the best that we can be every day, to help humans and canines live in harmony together. 

At Smart K9 Training we put dogs first and will never sacrifice quality or safety to meet quotas or results. We are a company with strong and deep rooted ethical morals that will always do what’s right. 

With over 90 five star reviews from our in-person services, we hope to now bring the same high quality and knowledge packed training information home to you.

Current Courses Available for Purchase within Smart K9 Online:

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Due to getting access to HUNDREDS of articles immediately after signing up, we do not offer refunds on any purchases. You will be alerted via email and notification box in your profile 3 days before your card is charged. 

You can cancel at ANYTIME with hidden no fees.